Li-Fi or VLC( Visual Light Communication )

//Li-Fi or VLC( Visual Light Communication )

Li-Fi or VLC( Visual Light Communication )

New approach to wireless communication promises up to three times faster data transfer than a standard Wi-Fi router can deliver.

The mind behind this technology is Professor Herald Haas at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He uses high speed u‘s working in the visible spectrum ( VLC – Visual Light Communication ) to send messages to photo detector chip, then the chip will it’s thing and we have internet connection.

The Speed? 3.5Gbps Which makes my router look like a antique and the current top speed on the market is about 600 Mbps. And this is not all… in lab conditions the Professor and his team managed to get a 10Gbps connection, which is hmmm pretty awesome!

The uses of this technology are countless, we can use the Li-Fi not only ask stuff Goggle but also making stuff comunicate to each other and in theory the same principles can be applied to space communications.
However the growing health concerns about Wi-Fi’s microwaves can make this the perfect primary wireless technology of the future.

Below are some additional resources for those who want to find more info on the matter.

Sources: BBC Focus, TED

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