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In today’s world we are bombarded with millions of ads every second, and they all come from millions of sources – TV, radio, news papers, billboards etc. Standing from the crowd can prove to be a challenge for every business, considering how satiated with information we are. Here at BioSynthetic Designs Ltd., we have made it our business to help your business make an impact with the help of multimedia.


What Is Multimedia?

You know very well that the best way to present your company, product or service is by using multiple, diverse content forms. That is exactly what multimedia is – a content that uses a combination of different forms such as text, audio, images, animations, video and interactivity. And when you get BioSynthetic Designs Ltd. on your side, the magic happens.


How Can Multimedia Help Your Business?

When thinking about multimedia, think about the innumerable opportunities to make an impact, to promote your product or service, or to concur new markets and win over new buyers. You are no longer limited to advertising on a 2D platform, like magazines and newspapers. The 3D world is out there, waiting for you to make a move. TVs, computers, mobile devices – they all can be the right platform to advertise your business idea and ot reach up to new customers.


What Types of Multimedia Do We Offer?

As with Design, multimedia also consist of various components. We provide:

Audio/Video – every successful business requires convincing video materials. Would it be a professional portfolio or perhaps a presentation for a product or service. The requirements for creating a good, professional, powerful video are more than good will, imagination and a camera phone. You will need professional equipment and know-how, which we will be happy to share with you. Our team is not only equipped with top-notch video capturing equipment and software, but also with a sound recording studio, where we tune each sound so it fits perfectly to your needs.

Photography and Image editing – our team also has many professional photographers who are ready to capture every important moment in a high resolution image. We offer:

  • Image capturing of products to be sold in e-commerce website
  • Professional photography of food and pastry, offered by your restaurant
  • Editing and creating catalogs and restaurant menus
  • Professional photos for magazines
  • Designing magazine covers, calendars and postcards

Our photographers specialize in image editing so you don’t need to worry about quality effects. Let our software work for you!

3D – 3D visualizations are a very important part of every successful website. What better way to show your clients their future house as well as the interior design? We offer 3D modelling of the following:

  • Buildings
  • Furniture
  • Cars
  • Manikins
  • Cartography

Offering an array of multimedia service is what we are known for. Your every audio, video and 3D project will be completed to the highest standard, with your product’s image in mind, delivering an all around, complete view of your company. You can be sure that the latest techniques and tools will be used when working on your project, making it a masterpiece.

If you need more information or have questions regarding the service we provide, please contact us!