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Testimonials Carousel Addon for Fusion Builder is a rotating carousel slider for testimonials. It is created to work with WordPress and Fusion Builder only. The slider itself is powered by FlexSlider already initialised by Fusion Builder.

The information below will guide you through the requirements, the installation and the usage of this addon.


To work properly the Testimonials Carousel for Fusion Builder needs a website created with WordPress 4.6 or above and Fusion Builder 1.0 or above.

Server requirements:

  • PHP 5.6 or above
  • MySQL 5.6 or above

About WordPress & Documentation

This Addon is created for WordPress, which means that you need to have stable version of the CMS installed on your server to get it working.

If you are not sure what WordPress is or you need help with the installation for instance, we gathered some links that you may find helpful:

About Fusion Builder & Documentation

Testimonials Carousel is addon for Fusion Builder which means that it won’t work if you don’t have it installed on your website. You may know Fusion Builder from Theme Fusion’s most popular product which is Avada WordPress Theme.

For additional information please check the links below.

About FlexSlider & Documentation

Flex Slider is responsive slider script used to create everything from very simple sliders to sliders with custom coded behaviours. This includes product showcases, sliding photo galleries, sliders with thumbnail navigation, video and dynamic sliders.

For additional information please check the links below.

Files and Folders Structure

Folders Structure:

  • testimonials-carousel-fusion-builder  –  Main folder containing the plugin main php file and css and js folders
    • css  –  This folder contains the main CSS file
    • js  –  This folder contains the main jQuery file and preview folder
      • preview   –  This folder contains a php file used for generating previews in Fusion Builder

PHP Files:  Two PHP files are in the base of this addon. The main PHP file (inside /testimonials-carousel-fusion-builder folder) contains all the classes and functions for this plugin and the testimonials-addon-preview.php file (/js/preview folder) which is used by Fusion Builder for generating previews inside the UI.

CSS Files: This plugin uses a single CSS file located inside /css folder. It contains all of the specific stylings for the page. The file is separated into sections using:

/** General Styles **/

css styles

/** Box Layout Styles **/

css styles


JavaScript Files: Testimonials Carousel for Fusion Builder uses single Javascript file (/js folder) which sets up the responsive variables and initialises FlexSlider.

Installation Instructions

To successfully install Testimonials Carousel plugin please follow the instruction bellow:

From this point on there two options to Upload the plugin:

Automatic, through WordPress admin.  Login to wp-admin, select Plugins > Add New. On the Add Plugins page in the top left corner click “Upload Plugin” then “Choose File” and select

Manually, through FTP. Unzip the archive. Connect to your server through FTP client and put the testimonials-carousel-fusion-builder folder into the plugins folder /wp-content/plugins/.

The last step is to activate the plugin from the Plugins menu.

Usage Instructions

After successful installation we ready to add our first Testimonials Carousel, however if the Fusion Builder is not activated to this page/post we can do that from the “Use Fusion Builder” just under the title input…


…when active add Container or Pre-Build Page depending on your goals


Add Testimonials Carousel

First click on “+Element”, in the popup menu select “Testimonials Carousel”.


On the next popup we have the element settings. On the left side we have the testimonials and the controls to add, remove edit or clone and on the right side are the settings which will change the appearance  of the carousel.

The left side called Add / Edit Items is very easy to control. Using the Fusion Builder UI you can add(1), edit(2), clone(3) or remove(4) any of the testimonials.


When you add new or edit, each testimonial has only tree fields Image, Title and Content. Don’t forget to click SAVE after changes!

The right side or Settings is a bit more complicated, it will help you to set up the add-on the way you want it.

Starting from the top you can set up:

Border Color – Set the testimonial border color. This field is RGBA meaning that you can control the opacity of the color.

Background Color – Set the testimonial background color. This field is RGBA meaning that you can control the opacity of the color.

Text Color – Set the testimonial Title and Content colors.

Title Font Size – Set the testimonial Title font size. Please include the unit (px or em).

Content Font Size – Set the testimonial Title font size. Please include the unit (px or em).

Select Style – Set the layout in which the testimonials are displayed. There are 3 layouts to choose from: Box, Align Left and Align Right.layouts

Rounded Corners – Set the style in which the box corners are displayed. On – Display rounded corners. Off – Display regular corners.

Show Title – Show or Hide the Title.

Show Image – Show or Hide the Image.

Show Pagination –  Show or Hide the carousel pagination.

Speed – Set the time each in testimonials page is displayed on screen. Slow – 15 seconds, Medium – 7 seconds, Fast – 3 seconds.

Designs and Demos

If you need some design inspiration please check our demos page on this link

There you will find different setups and the settings they use so you can reproduce them quickly.